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Lakka Paxos

Lakka is the second largest village in size on the north tip of Paxos and is flanked by silver green olive groves and cypress trees. The picturesque fishing village is located on a natural, almost circular harbor created by two headlands sheltering the bay from the open sea. The village is sheltered by the verdant hills and the lush green trees that also block the strong winds and create a picturesque and enchanting scenery.

Lakka makes a safe harbour, chosen by many yachts and different types of crafts, especially in summer. The two main beaches within the Lakka bay, white pebbled Kanoni and sandy Harami lead to a very clear turquoise sea. Other nearby beaches (such as Monadendri, Orkos, Arkoudaki and Glyfada) can be found on the east coast of the island, just outside the Lakka bay, but in most cases can only be reached on foot or by boat (the exception being the crowded Monadendri beach which can also be accessed by car).

As with Gaios and Loggos, Lakka has many excellent restaurants and tavernas near the waterfront and along the lanes and alleyways that lead from the harbour into the village, all of which serve a good selection of Greek cuisine.Along the narrow streets leading into the village, you can find many amenities, including: Butchers, bakers, grocery stores, hardware stores, mini-markets and many other shops and conveniences. Lakka is a popular tourist destination for yachting, windsurfing, snorkeling and swimming. In Lakka you will find places to hire water sports equipment, including: boats, windsurfing and snorkeling equipment. There is a water sports school in Lakka, providing full instruction on scuba diving and other water sports.

Lakka has several music bars that are open into the small hours of the morning, though by no means is Lakka a noisy place to stay. The restaurants found in this location are also special, with the Italian influence complementing the traditional Greek cuisine.

Lakka is the second largest of the three main villages on Paxos. Apart from the maritime means, it is possible to get to this village by regular bus service, which runs every day from Gaios, and reaches Lakka after the village of Loggos. Lakka is also well served by the local taxi services. Lakka is the only village other than Gaios to have a cash machine. Many interesting buildings with a strong Venetian influence can be found along the narrow streets of Lakka.  It is situated on the north tip of the island and is sheltered from the sea by two headlands that create a natural circular bay. Most of the buildings in Lakka are of Venetian design and the bay is surrounded by olive groves and cypress trees; all of which makes the setting very picturesque. Like Gaios, Lakka is very popular with the yachting fraternity and many yachts and motor cruisers can be seen moored in the pretty harbour, giving the setting an air of elegant sophistication. 

Lakka Facilities

  • Cash machine: The only one outside of Gaios.
  • Boat hire: Plenty of places to hire boats.
  • Bus service: Runs four times a day to Gaios and Loggos
  • Water sports: Diving, snorkeling and wind surfing.
    Equipment can be hired locally. There is a scuba diving school in Lakka.
  • Yacht mooring: There is a large natural bay in which yachts of all sizes can moor.
  • Mini-markets: There are several mini-markets and grocery stores in Lakka.
  • Tavernas: Mainly around the waterfront and harbour area.
  • Restaurants: Situated mostly by the waterfront, though some can be found further into the village. Although the food is most definitely Greek, there is a strong Italian influence in several of the restaurants.
  • Music bars: Several bars and discos are open into the small hours of the morning.
  • Shopping: Bakery, butchery, hardware stores and tourist type shops are all available.
  • Internet cafe: Available at Akis Restaurant on the waterfront.

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